Die Ouwingerdreeks

The idea behind this series is to raise awareness of the old vineyards of the Cape and also display the amazing wine that can be produced from these historic parcels of vines. The Sadie Family decided to start farming these vineyards in their totality; and the good news is that the bigger critical mass of the project has led to a better scale of economy, which allows us to re-invest in the vineyards again. The result after one year has been very good: better vineyards and better production and a growing awareness of the potential of these old die-hards. Each name is hand-crafted typography and inspired by the wine and its characteristics, almost like the cover of a book. The wax colour of each capsule also fits the terroir of the wine. http://www.thesadiefamily.com/

Ekliptika by Longridge
Randall Wicomb
Comeback King - Excelsior
Rootstock - Birthday card
Zinkplaat - Mooi Besoedeling
Vondeling - Rurale
Silverthorn MCC's
Boplaas - White Range
London Alphabet
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