Emilia Smuts grew up on Doornkraal farm on the other side of De Rust, in an ostrich palace with an attic, a ghost and a stoep which runs right around the house. It is a home where visits start in the kitchen and late at night still linger around the yellow-wood table. Where spicy stories and delectable dishes are held in high regard. A home blessed with legendary characters, epic loves and cooks of Biblical fame. The AGA stove saw her grow up and throughout her life have been involved with food. So that when she recently started looking for a new challenge, there was no question that it would have something to do with food and with the love with which she was raised. Emilia tinkered with a recipe for months, until she (and the family’s epicures) were satisfied that it had that ineffable something which turns the very best sweets into fruits from heaven.

Mingo Lamberti - Sci-fi Range
Sir Thomas Brewing Co.
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Shwe Shwe
The General's Gin
Backsberg - Picnic Concert 2013
Dik Duidelijke Syrah - De Kleine Wijn Koöp
The Duchess - Virgin Gin & Tonic
Rootstock - Festive Season - Charity card
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