Sir Thomas Brewing Co.

Sir Thomas Brewing Co. was founded in 2013 by long-time friends, Braam Rademeyer and Marius Malan. It began as an epiphany during a surf session in the seawaters of Pringle Bay, and soon after what started out as an avocation developed into a profession and full time craft brewery. As the twosome’s idea originated in the small holiday town of Pringle Bay, it was only fitting to name their beer venture after the father of Pringle Bay, Royal Navy Commander-in –chief of the British navy, Sir Thomas Pringle. Also the name of a big local baboon...

Wandering Beeste
Making Wine - infographic for Kitchen Sink
Ministry of the Vinterior
Rootstock - Birthday Cards
Liefling - De Kleine Wijn Koöp
Artist's Almanac 2014
Sequillo 2013
Ou Treffer - De Kleine Wijn Koöp
The Spaniard
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