Steenberg - Lady R

In the early days of the Cape Colony, Baron von Rheede was taking the arduous overland route from Simon’s Bay to the Castle of Good Hope. About halfway lies the farm Swaaneweide, the original name for Steenberg, then owned by the enigmatic Catharina Ras. After many servings of farm fresh fare and fine wines, the Baron exclaimed, “Well my Dear Lady R, today you have made an old nobleman feel like a King!”. And now, over three centuries later, this rather splendid MCC is named Lady R in appreciation of Catharina Ras, who first pioneered the well-deserved worldwide reputation that Steenberg Vineyards enjoys today for generous hospitality and elegant wines.

Vondeling - Rurale
Vuurberg box
Zinkplaat - Mooi Besoedeling
Chevallerie - Filia
Die Wors-Rol
Quinta Essentia
Hartenberg - Doorkeeper
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