The 1947 - Kaapzicht

New label for Danie Steytler from Kaapzicht. Crafted with lots of detail to get the vintage look of that period of when these vines were planted.

The 1947
In 1947 a vineyard was planted. A vineyard that has seen a man start a family business and today is the great grandfather of the winemaker that nurtured this wine to its real potential. A staple workhorse vineyard that has made a comeback to be recognized as a true songbird of south African terroir. A vineyard that stood through 66 stormy winters and has seen a land embrace change. A vineyard that has weathered, endured and grown wiser.
The 1947 is made from the second oldest Chenin blanc vineyard in South Africa. Handpicked, whole bunch pressed, naturally fermented in French and Hungarian Oak barrels, nothing added - pure old bunch vine Chenin!
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