"In a good bottle of wine the synergy between soil, vine and man can become a very individual expression of terroir. Most important: wine should not be a linear, fragmented view of soil - plant - vinifiction, with man as author or director, but rather a synergy of energy that is flowing back and forth. It is also a reality that every single aspect of wine is of equal importance. When this interaction between man and soil and plant is beneficial to all, the wine is excellent."
"The heart is both a starting point and a point of arrival, as in any circulation system; and it is a fitting illustration of the necessary flow and synergy between man and nature, between historical and modern views on this, between organic and technological interpretations of this co-existence. We often have to re-visit our points of departure to measure if we are still on track with what we intended to do when we started off on this journey: to make a good wine with a Swartland heart."
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